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Backflow Device Repairs


My backflow device failed, what do I do now?

I some cases when we are testing a smaller device they will get a little piece of dirt or debris in them causing them to fail. Quite often we will just open the device and inspect it to see what the problem is. If it just needs a quick cleaning, we do it and then re-test the device while our gauges are still connected. If it passes, great, done. Usually with no extra charge.

Larger Commercial Backflow Devices are not so simple, and usually not so finicky. If one of these larger backflow devices fail we will let you know, then give you a proposal as to what we expect it to cost to fix. We will have to turn in the report within 10 days, which is what is required of us, but we know on commercial accounts we will need to wait for approval. This is a good reason to have your backflow device tested early, just in case there is a repair needed. This give us time to schedual a time for the water to be off and to get the necessary parts for the repair if we don't have them readily available.

How long will my water be off for repairs?

This is totally dependant on what backflow device it is, what size it is, and what repairs are needed. We will not leave you without water unless there is nothing else we can do. We have never left someone or some business without water if they needed it.

Are all Backflow devices repairable?

Yes and No. There are new laws in California, all backflow devices on potable water systems have to be free of lead. So if your backflow device is on your home or business potable water system, in order for us to repair it, it will have to be of a lead-Free design, or the parts that we are using to repair it need to be lead-free. Each municipality is different with different guidelines when it comes to repairing these devices. In some cases we are required by law to replace the backflow device completely. The water purveyor who has jurisdiction in your area makes this decision, not us.

Do you have to re-test the backflow device after repairing it? If so, are there additional charges for this?

Yes we have to re-test the device. We still have to make sure it is working properly once we put it back togehter. There is also an area on the backflow test report form to state what repairs or cleaning we did and what the new test results are. There is a re-test charge but it is usually included in the price to repair the backflow device.

What if you can't repair the Backflow device?

We will have to let the water purveyor who has jurisdiction know and get his or her approval for a replacement Backflow device. We will then set up a time that is convienent for you or your business to have the device replaced.