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Basic Plumbing

For over 25 years we have been trusted by thousands of customers to work in their homes and businesses, just like yours, all around Orange County, performing tens of thousands of plumbing repairs. We pride ourselves with our reputation for Excellent Customer Service and the highest degree of Customer Satisfaction second to none.

Plumbing Drips and Leaks

Is your hose spigot dripping, or spraying all over the place when you turn it on? Is the water pressure going into you home, too high or too low? Is there a drip from your shower head or tub spout? Is there corrosion on the drain pipes under your bathroom sink that you forgot about? Does your toilet seem to flush itself once in a while? These are just a few of the problems our plumbers resolve everyday.

Faucet Repairs

Our well trained plumbers are capable of repairing all types of faucets like, Moen, Price Pfister, Kohler, American Standard, Grohe, and Mixet, just to name a few. All of our plumbing trucks have a large inventory of plumbing repair parts. In most cases, our plumbers can complete the requested repairs right on the spot. No trip to the supply house or waiting for the plumber to get back with the correct parts. In the rare case we don't have the needed part on the truck, instead of you paying for the plumber to run to the plumbing supply house, we have parts runners to get the part to the plumber so he can continue to be productive in resolving your plumbing issues.

FREE* In Home Plumbing Inspection

Once our plumber has completed the necessary plumbing repairs, and you are satisfied with our work, they have cleaned everything thoroughly, and of course the bill has been settled, if you can give us a little more time, our plumber would be happy to give the rest of your plumbing a FREE--NO-OBLIGATION plumbing inspection. I know what you are thinking... but give me a minute here. The bill has been paid so all this is really costing you is time. If you have it, we can hopefully give your plumbing a clean bill of health. If not, the plumber will give you a written description of anything we find that needs attention, with an estimate to fix it. You can either have the plumber fix it now or budget for it. This will at least give you the piece of mind that a Professional Plumber has looked over your plumbing and has advised you of any potenial problems or confirmed that all your plumbing appears to be in good working order.

Get your FREE plumbing inspection now. Call us at 714-964-3519 or Toll Free at 1-877-755-3519.

* Free home plumbing inspections are for current home owners. There will be a nominal charge for inspections on homes going into, or in escrow, or up for sale. These charges may be applied to the cost of the repairs if we are contracted to do the repairs.