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Backflow Device Testing


How often do I need to test my backflow device?

Whether it is for a home or a business, backflow devices need to be tested yearly.

How will I know when I need to test my Backflow device?

The city will send you a letter with a Backflow Test Report Form usually about 1 month before the due date.

How long does a Backflow device take to test?

Depending on the backflow device it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes per device. It almost takes longer to set up for the test than it takes to do the test.

Can I save even more with more Backflow devices to test?

Of Course. Part of the cost is getting there to do the backflow test. With multiple devices to test, our cost per backflow device test goes down, so we pass some of the savings on to you, our customer. Get your backflow tests done for as little as $40 per backflow device when we are testing multiple devices.

Does my water have to be turned off?

Yes. After getting the guages connected to the backflow device we will need to turn the water off to your home or business for about 10-20 mins. for each device we are testing. If the device needs to be repaired, this will of course take a little more time. The water can be turned back on while we disconnect the gauges, clean up and fill out the report form and invoice.

What if my Backflow device fails the test will I be without water?

No. We will not leave you without water unless there is just no other way. Which has never happened yet.

In many cases we can take the backflow device apart and clean some of the internal parts, re-test and get the device to pass. If it is a smaller device we usually do this for free or for a minimal extra charge. If it still won't pass we will need to repair the backflow device. The larger commercial backflow devices aren't as tempermental as the smaller devices and require a lot more work to open and inspect. Cleaning and inspecting these are usually done with the parts on hand so we can repair the commercial backflow device if we need to while we have it apart.