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Slab Leak Repairs

Professional Plumbing Inc Specializes in Slab leak Repairs

Once you believe you have a slab leak, you need to locate it and then figure out the best way to fix the slab leak. We have the best Leak Detection Equipment you can buy, coupled with lots of training, gives you a plumbing company that can locate your slab leak fast and usually with no damage to your walls or home.

What do you do once you locate the Slab Leak?

Each slab leak is unique and has it's own best way to repair. The typical way to repair a slab leak is to break open the concrete floor and cut the bad section out, replacing it with a new section of copper pipe. This is normally about 6-12" of pipe. Then we patch the concrete and we are all done. This will take somewhere between 4 and 6 hours start to finish.

Is there going to be a BIG mess ?

No, this is why it takes us this long. We make sure all your belongings in or around the work area are covered with painters plastic or tarps. We protect your floors as needed to keep from causing more damage. We remove the broken concrete and dirt we remove to gain access to the copper pipe. Once the pipe is repaired, we replace the dirt with fresh sand and then repair the concrete. Then we clean the area as the conrete is setting as if we were in our own home.