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Drain Services

Aarrgh !

NO, not now !!

or worse, Not again !!!

This is the first thing that comes to our minds when we have a stoppage or clogged drain. The next thing, who are you going to call to get fast, affordable service? I'm sure you want a company that isn't going to leave more of a mess than the stoppage already made. You know I am going to say to call Professional Plumbing at 714-964-3519. But why should you? Keep reading and you will realize why we are the right choice for all your drain cleaning needs.

Why you want us to Clear your Drains

Fast Service ! Usually in 1 Hour or less !

Low cost ! Internet Special !!!

Only $79.00 to clear most drains !

This Special Price is only good during normal business hours, M-F from 8am-4pm. Must mention this internet Special pricing when making appointment so we can let our plumber know to give you this special low price.

No tricks or up-charges. But you do have to have a few basics for this price. You need an outside clean out with easy access from ground level and electrical power near by, except for toilet stoppages* which need neither. Drains not covered are overhead cleanouts, under house cleanouts, and some drains without cleanouts and main line stoppages. If you have questions please feel free to call and ask, 714-964-3519.

*Extra charges apply if we have to remove and/or reset the toilet or remove traps to snake drain.

*No Warranty on any drains that have roots in them.

Family Owned and Operated so we take more pride in our work

We are Fast, Friendly, Neat and Clean. We will respect your home or business and your belongings by taking time before we start working on that clogged drain to put down drop cloths, covering the work areas and protecting your personal belongings to insure nothing gets damaged. We also use the best drain cleaning equipment on the market. When we finish taking care of the clog, we clean up. Why should you pay us to do a job, then leave our mess for you to clean up.

Qualified, Well Trained Plumbers

We don't send you a "Drain Jockey" or "Drain Tech." We will only send out a fully qualified and well trained "Plumber." If there are other problems causing the clog our plumbers will diagnose it and know how to handle it. An inexperienced "Drain Tech" may be able to clear your drains, but what will they do if they run into a problem? Will they let you know what to do, or not to do, to help you prevent it from happening again? Too many times we have seen some of the less experienced "Techs" create even bigger problems by not having or not using the right cable for the job. This can casue the cable to break off in your drain. They leave it there and don't say anything because "The Boss" will be mad. This will cause another stoppage to happen much quicker. Now what happens when the next "Tech" runs his cable in..... A disaster, 2 cables now tangled inside your drain line.

Avoid this problem before it even starts.

Call us 714-964-3519 and get the quality and experience you want. Why pay the same or even more for a less experienced "Drain Jockey."

PLUS we have several different sized drop cloths and plastic sheeting to make sure we can protect all your things. If it's a really bad stoppage, or you want your pipes really clean, our Hydro-Jetting Service cleans the pipes to an almost new condition. Great for grease stoppages in kitchen lines, main lines with known root problems and other problem drains.

Our Drain Clearing Warranty

Unless otherwise noted on your invoice, Toilet stoppages come with a 7 day warranty. Tub, shower, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and other drains of similar size come with a 30 day warranty and main line stoppages that do not involve roots come with a 90 day warranty.

If you aren't ready to tell all your friends and your family what a great job we did for you, we didn't do our jobs to your satisfaction, and I WANT TO KNOW. Please email me personally Jay@prof-plumb.com

We also have cameras that we can send down your drain lines* so you can see we have cleared the stoppge all the way.


* additional charges may apply