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Plumbing Repairs

Affordable Up-Front Pricing

Although we do carry Duct Tape on our trucks, you won't see our plumbers using it to make a plumbing repair. Our plumbers are well trained to fix plumbing leaks and drips correctly, with the right parts and the right tools, all at an affordable up-front price. With "Up Front" pricing you will know what plumbing repair we are making, what materials we are using and how much the total cost for that plumbing repair will be, before the plumber starts the work, No surprises.

Free Estimates*

Our plumbers don't charge you to come out and give you an estimate. They're FREE. Since we use Up-Front pricing you get an "estimate" for every plumbing job we do for you, so you know what it is going to cost before our plumber starts any work. Our estimates for plumbing repairs are good for 30 days, so if you have other plumbing problems, but need time to budget for them, just ask our well trained plumber to give you a written estimate so you know what to budget for.

* There will be a small charge if we have to do work to diagnose or troubleshoot the problem. This doesn't happen often. We will let you know before any work begins.

Fast Same Day Plumbing Repairs

We stock hundreds and hundreds of plumbing repair parts on each truck so we can fix the dripping faucet, leaking supply line, broken toilet handle, leaky copper pipe, traps under the sink, install a new faucet, garbage disposal on the first trip. Your time is valuable too, In the rare case we don't have a plumbing part on the truck we have parts runners to bring them to the plumber. So you aren't waiting for the plumber to get back with the parts or waiting for another day while the parts are being ordered.