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One Year Parts and Labor Warranty

We have been in business as Professional Plumbing since 1987. As the original owner and founder of Professional Plumbing Inc. I personally stand behind all the repairs, installations, adjustments and advice the plumbers of our company give to you, our customer, for "1 Full Year Parts and Labor".

We did not have a law firm or lawyer write this up. We are keeping it simple...

If one of our plumbers supply the part or parts and our plumber installs them, we give you a simple straight forward warranty. 1 full year from completion of the plumbing repair or installation on Both Parts and Labor.

It really is that simple. No forms, no contacting the manufacturer, no waiting for the manufacturer to ship you parts. Just a simple phone call to us, we will take care of it and make it right.

We DO NOT warranty plumbing parts or products you supply to us.

If you supply the part or parts and our plumber installs them, we will warranty our Labor only for 1 Full Year.

The only difference in this case is, if the plumbing part you supplied is defective or is not performing as it is supposed to, but our plumber installed it correctly we may not warranty the labor. We will let you know what the problem is, No charge for us at this point. Sometimes it is a simple repair that we may just take care of for you at no charge in appreciation of you patronage. If there is going to be a charge we let you know up front before we go any further what it will take to fix and exactly how much it will cost.

Sometimes this gets a little sticky, this is one of the reasons we like to supply all the parts that are used, then there is never a question as to if it should be under warranty if something goes wrong.

We call you before the warranty runs out.*

We are all busy with our lives, but sometimes a problem comes up and you think, "I need to call the Professional Plumbers tomorrow to look at this, I think something with the plumbing just isn't right." Sure enough tomorrow comes and the kids need to go to soccer or the dog needs to go to the vet. Just to make sure a warranty item doesn't slip through the cracks, we call you after about 11 months to make sure if there is a problem, we can take care of it before the warranty runs out. Of course we will put you to the top of the list as you have already paid for the service. We can do it as soon as we can get someone free, or schedule it for a time that is more convenient for you.

* Sometimes even we forget to call to let you know the warranty is running out. This does not extend the warranty although we do want to make things right.