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Slab Leak Detection

Limited time: FREE Slab Leak Detection

We will not charge you the Leak Detection Equipment Charges if we do your slab leak repair or reroute. Yes It is that simple.

We are Experts at Detecting Slab Leaks

Ok, you are pretty sure you have a slab leak. Now our plumber needs to locate the slab leak so he can figure out the best way to fix the slab leak, whether it is to go through the floor with the standard Slab Leak Repair or do a Reroute of the copper lines.

How do We Locate a Slab Leak ?

To locate a slab leak we use a very powerful listening device that amplifes the sounds the slab leak makes. This Advanced slab leak detection equipment along with continued training and lots of experience gives us the right to say our plumbers are experts in locating slab leaks. We have a 98% success rate in locating a slab leak within 1-2 inches and almost 100% within 6 inches.

What if I have Tile or Wood Floors?

Slab Leak Detection can still be done. Tlie floors do not pose any problems to do the actual Leak Detection. Although we may suggest doing a copper line reroute instead of a standard Slab Leak Repair. Wood floors on the other hand do make detecting the leak a little more difficult. The wood will muffle the sounds and make it more difficult to get a good reading. Some times the wood floor is already ruined because of the slab leak, warping the wood, creating gaps between the wood and the concrete. These are the most difficult ones to locate.

Can You Trace (See) the Copper Lines in the Floor?

Yes, We Can.,,,

Unlike many other plumbing companies we have the latest, most sophisticated equipment, so we can do a copper line trace in the area of the slab leak to make sure that the sounds we are hearing are coming from a pipe, not just residual noises. It is similar to an X-ray, but we do it with electrical signals. You wouldn't want someone without this equipment, to open your concrete floors only to find there is no pipe there, and yes, we have seen this happen to other plumbers. That's usually when they call us.