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Sewer Lines Repairs

Have you been told your sewer line is broken or colapsed?

Don't Panic ! You have options. We may save you $1000's

It's a lot cheaper to go to a hotel for a night than to pay big dollars for repairs you may not need, or overpay for the job you do have done. Snap or high stress decissions can be costly. Is this an inconvenience? Absolutely, but a major emergency that you have to make a decission right this second? Not Really. Relax, take a deep breath and read on.

Most Sewer lines Repaired or Replaced on the Same Day.

Since you are on this page you must have some problems that can seem huge. In some cases they are, but in most cases not so much. Let's break things down so you can figure out your options and make an informed decision.

Do you want to know what your options are with out all the other stuff, if so, go to What are my options?

First. Is your sewer line backed up? Have you tried all other options to clear the stoppage? Of course the normal way by using a cable to clear the stoppage. Did you try hydro-jetting the line? If not, learn more about our Hydro-Jetting services.

Most stoppages will drain down over a period of time, allowing you use of toilets and other essential water needs on a limited basis. Stop using any non-essential water in sinks, tub, showers, dishwashers, washing machines and toilets. Only flush when you have to and be mindful to watch the water level when you do flush. This should give you a little breathing room. If you have a second or third floor, avoid using water above the first floor. You may be using water upstairs and not notice or see the water coming up in the downstairs plumbing possibly causing a flood. If your drains aren't draining at all, you may want to consider using a neighbors facilities or go to a hotel for the night.

What are my options for a Sewer Repair?

I am assuming you have tried the normal routes of using a cable or possibly a hydro-jetter. You have been told the line is either broken and/or full of roots or they just can't get through the stoppage for unknown reasons.

Before making a decission, we would suggest gettting your sewer line video inspected to see exactly what the problem is, and locate the exact spot or spots that are a problem. If your sewer line can't be cleared and still has water in it, we may not be able to see anything but murky water, but we can still locate where the problem is in the sewer line. Is the Sewer line problem outside in the yard, under the driveway, under a tree or actually inside the foundation of the house? Knowing where the sewer line problem is helps us make a good decision as to what the best plan of action is.

Option One: Dig up the Entire Sewer Line and Replace it.

One option is to dig up the entire length of the sewer line and replace it with new pipe. This of course is the most radical option and creates the biggest mess. But it is also the best repair because we can get rid of all the old clay or cast iron pipe, install a new 2-way clean out and make sure we have the proper grade so the pipe drains properly and doesn't have any low spots or bellies for the solids to get caught in.

Option Two: Dig up Only Part of the Sewer Line and Repair it.

Another option, if you went with our reccomendation and had your sewer line video inspected and/or located, you have seen and located the problem area and located the sewer line. Now we can dig up only enough to do the repair to the section of pipe that is affected. This is the most cost effective and causes the least amount of damage.

Option Three: Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

We almost always reccomend against this form of Sewer Line Repair. No matter what option, the sewer line is going to have to be dug up, at least part of it. The last option is digging up a small area and install a new sleeve or "Trenchless" sewer line repair. This is usually as, or more expensive, than digging up the line and replacing it. We only suggest doing this IF there is no other way. If your sewer line was located and it goes under a driveway or through your highly decorated front yard with landscape that would cost too much in time or money to replace or repair, then maybe we would suggest this. Or if you have a lot of decorative hardscape (concrete) that would be hard to repair or impossible to match the colors or textures. Some cities like Fountain Valley require the homeowner to be responsible all the way into the street to where it ties into the main. Due to the expense of digging up a city street we would suggest using a liner. There are a lot of draw backs to doing it this way that the person selling it to you doesn't want to mention. Please feel free to call us to discuss this or any of the options in further detail. The 10 mins. or even 30 mins. you spend on the phone with us could potentialy save you thousands of dollars, yes THOUSANDS.