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Backflow Devices

Backflow Testing

Low cost backflow testing for all backflow devices no matter what size backflow you have. We also give discounts for backflow testing when you have more than one backflow device at the same location or property address.

Backflow Repairs

Low cost Backflow repairs. If your backflow device needs repaire, we have the parts to repair your backflow device in stock now or readily available for those not so common backflow devices.

Backflow Installation

Has your backflow device been stolen? Or do you need a Backflow Device installed? Don't sweat it. We have many backflow devices readily available so we can get a new backflow prevention device installed and you back up and running.

Backflow Anti-Theft Devices

We are in some tough economic times right now. In LA and Orange Counties theft of backflow devices are rampant. People steal your backflow device for the brass and sell it to scrap yards for pennies on the dollar. We have backflow valve assembly anti-theft devices and cages. If you haven't had your backflow device stolen, now would be a good time to be pro-active and potentially save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We can install a backflow anti-theft device before you have to incur the cost of not only the backflow anti-theft device, but the backflow device itself, plus any repairs to the damaged piping the thief did when stealing your backflow device, plus any down time your business would experience while we are getting the new backflow device installed.

What are Backflow devices for ? 

Backflow devices are to stop any back flow or siphonage of water from what they are providing water to, like your home or business, back into the city or municipal water system.

I received a notice from the city to have my backflow device tested. Why do I need to do this?

Every backflow device whether for a home or business needs to be tested every year. It is required to make sure the backflow device has not been removed and is still operating as it was designed to. Please see our page on Backflow Testing for more information on testing procedures and Backflow Repairs if your backflow device failed a test.

Why do they install backflow devices on homes and businesses ?

The basic reason is to stop what is called a Cross Connection. Let's say you left your hose in your pool while filling it one summer day, or you had to spray pestisides on your lawn or garden and it was connected to a hose. For whatever reason the city water pressure was lost, it happens more than you know, and now anything your hose is connected to will backflow or siphon back into the city water supply. Potentially this could make many people and or animals sick, or cause death or other health problems. Believe it or not, backflow devices protect you first. If there is a loss of city water pressure and something does get siphoned back into your water line, the highest concentration of contaminates are in your pipes before it gets all the way back to the city's pipes.

Do I have a Backflow Device on my home or Business?

Most, if not all new homes and any home having a pool with an auto-fill will have a backflow device. Newport Beach was one of the first cities to require backflow devices on new homes. Older homes typically do not have them yet, but we have heard rumors that different cities are going to start requiring backflow devices on them. Many cities are requiring backflow devices if you are remodeling your home or repairing a water service to the home.

Same thing goes with businesses, most commercial buildings have them now, except older buildings. All new ones and some older ones will have more than one backflow device. Industrial buildings usally have many, one on each piece of equipment or branch off the main water line to help protect their own water supply from any contaminates that might get siphoned back from their own machines.